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Italy Murder Case
Posted on: Thursday Apr 17, 2014

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Girl Attack In House Honer
Posted on: Thursday Apr 17, 2014

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News For Accident
Posted on: Thursday Apr 17, 2014

Indian police are investigating into allegations of a Colombo-based kidney racket in which a youngster from Hyderabad lost a life, Indian media reports.

A criminal case under Information Technology Act was registered after Ganesh, brother of Dileep Maaru, approached the Hyderabad Central Crime Station alleging that his brother died in Colombo because of a kidney racket. A resident of Kishan Bagh in old city, Maaru left his house on March 22 telling his family members that he was going to Visakhapatnam in search of a job.

Six days later, he rang up his family in Hyderabad stating that he had actually landed in Colombo to find a job. “He said that two other youngsters were accompanying him then”, Mr. Ganesh told the police.

Meanwhile on March 30, Maaru’s family received a telephone call from Sri Lanka police stating that Maaru died and his body was shifted to local Govement hospital. The police reportedly said that he died of heart attack.

With the help of Indian Govement, Maaru’s family got the body flown into Hyderabad on April 3 and performed his final rites. “However, it haunted my mind why my brother in mid-20s died of heart attack. While checking his emails I found some persons communicating with him through emails about purchasing his kidney,” he told the police.

According to CCS DCP Pala Raju, the persons communicating with Maaru offered him Rs 15 lakh if he agreed to sell his kidney. They also offered free to and fro air tickets, free accommodation and also assured to arrange passport and visa.

“We cannot say if his kidney was removed and if Maaru died after or during surgery. Based on email content, a case was registered,” he said. Police are analysing those emails and Maaru’s mobile phone call data record, The Hindu reports.

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Indian police investigating Sri Lankan kidney racket - report
Posted on: Wednesday Apr 16, 2014

Four Macaw parrots that were being kept at the President’s House in Colombo have escaped from their cage, President’s media division said today. Three of the Macaws are a mix of red and yellow colour and the other is a mix of blue and yellow. The public have been asked to inform any details regarding the birds by calling the number 0777535377.

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Four Macaws escape from President’s House
Posted on: Wednesday Apr 16, 2014

Congress President Sonia Gandhi has said that the Congress-led govement has throughout stood up for the rights of Sri Lankan Tamils and has been in the forefront to protect the needs of the Indian fishermen.

Speaking in Kanyakumari, in her first visit to the State after the Lok Sabha elections announced, she attacked the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) govement and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and put forward promises including Right to free medical care, Right to Shelter, Right to Pention, among others. She said that during the 10 years of UPA govement, the economy of the country grew by 7.5 per cent on an average.

Commenting on the criticism of the political parties in Tamil Nadu that Congress has did nothing for the Tamilians in Sri Lanka, she said, “I want to ask them, is there any party, which has done more than the Congress party for the Sri Lankan Tamils? Rajiv Gandhi sacrificed his life while fighting for our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka. “

The party has been unwavering in its commitment to the Tamilians in Sri Lanka and the Congress-led govement has throughout stood up for their rights of the Sri Lankan Tamils. Since 2009, the govement has extended every kind of assistance, every kind of support, for the resettlement of inteally displaced persons, for housing, for education, for connectivity and for economic revival. She urged the people, not to be mislead by the false propaganda by its opponents.

Similarly, the Congress govement has been in the forefront to protect the needs of Indian fishermen and has taken initiative to get the arrested Indian fishermen released and recover their boats.

“And it is only due to our efforts that fishermen of both the countries, of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, were able to meet in January this year, to discuss together, how to find solutions to their problems. I can tell you that it took considerable time and effort to obtain the concurrence of the AIADMK govement here to allow for this meeting,” she added.

Mentioning the party’s commitment to bring in Right to free medical care, Right to Shelter, Right to Pention, among others, she said that if the Congress led govement comes to power, she will do her best to see some of the demands of people in Kanyakumari, including a double track broadguage railway project up to Kanyakumari, safeguarding the interest of the people living in the forest area and fishermen, an airport in Kanyakumari and a central university, to be fullfilled.

She criticised that the BJP is in the hands of one individual. “This individual claims to have the solution for all the problems of India. He claims that if he comes to power, India will become a paradise. You must reject the unbridled ambition of this one individual,” she said.

She added that leaders like Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi sacrificed their lives to safeguard the idea of India, which is as a country that stands on the side of secularism, of diversity, of equal opportunity, of reservation for the Dalits, the Scheduled Caste and Tribes and other backward classes, for the minotories, women and children.

The Congress President added that during the last 10 years of the UPA govement, the economy has grown on an average of 7.5 per cent and lifted 14 crore people out of poverty. Schemes such as the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA, the mid day meal scheme and the Prime Minister’s Gram Sadak Yojana, has benefited much in a State like Tamil Nadu.

“We have provided credit of Rs 37,000 crore to women self help group. We have provided education loans and scholarships to the tune of Rs 55,000 crore,” she added. Some people may say that the Congress in Tamil Nadu is alone, but judging the crowd in the public meeting, the Congress is not alone, she said, Business Standard reports.

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Centre has done everything to protect Sri Lankan Tamils - Sonia
Posted on: Wednesday Apr 16, 2014

The United States today stated that it looked forward to a resumption of a more comprehensive military relationship once the Govement of Sri Lanka has made better progress toward reconciliation and accountability.

US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Nisha Biswal expressed this view while speaking at the Harvard University. She added that Sri Lanka has fortunately ended its civil war, though reconciliation has proved challenging.

Following the March UN Human Rights Council resolution in Sri Lanka, we continue to call for credible efforts to ensure accountability and justice, she said.

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US for comprehensive military ties with Lanka after reconciliation
Posted on: Wednesday Apr 16, 2014

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kolkta Win
Posted on: Wednesday Apr 16, 2014

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Sri Lanka One Rupee Coin Down
Posted on: Wednesday Apr 16, 2014

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New Case in Ghanasara
Posted on: Wednesday Apr 16, 2014
Teledrama Lanka News:Abitha diyani
Posted on: Saturday Mar 02, 2013,

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